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The 拉文斯克罗夫特基金 is essential to our school’s success and the success of our students.

在最基本的层面上, the 拉文斯克罗夫特基金 is an annual giving fund that allows our school community to allocate additional financial resources to help supplement, support, and ignite many key initiatives across campus. Independent schools successfully run their daily operations with funding from tuition and fees. Great independent schools are able to thrive and transform educational experiences because of the impact of these gifts to the annual fund.

For Parents, Guardians, and Grandparents

支持十大澳门信誉网赌排名的2022年战略计划, 构建十大澳门信誉网赌排名的未来, all unrestricted 拉文斯克罗夫特基金 gifts given by parents, guardians, and grandparents will go directly and exclusively to support faculty and staff professional development and student health and wellness.

Educational excellence begins with our faculty. To attract and retain the best teaching talent for our students and school community, we must support their commitment to innovation and professional growth.

Your contributions will directly enhance the professional opportunities for the people most essential to the success and growth of children each and every day, while also working to ensure that student-centered health and wellness initiatives continue to provide perspective and grounding for students as they prepare to navigate an increasingly complex and fast-paced world.


One hundred percent of your unrestricted gifts to the 拉文斯克罗夫特基金 will directly support tuition assistance.

Our thousands of alumni and parents of alumni have often expressed a keen desire to make the impact and advantages of the Ravenscroft education more accessible to a wider array of students and families.

Simply put, your contributions to the 拉文斯克罗夫特基金 will change the trajectory of students’ and families’ lives by expanding access to a Ravenscroft education and the wonderful community you have helped shape and build.

If you are interested in learning more, email 凯拉•托马斯.

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